Released June 15, 2021

Breaking changes

  • Rename FieldMeta to FieldClass.

  • Remove target keyword from FieldClass.compile() until there is better support for GPUs.

  • Consolidate verify_irreducible and verify_primitive keyword arguments into verify for the galois.GF() class factory function.

  • Remove group arrays until there is more complete support.


  • Speed-up Galois field class creation time.

  • Speed-up JIT compilation time by caching functions.

  • Speed-up Poly.roots() by JIT compiling it.

  • Add BCH codes with galois.BCH.

  • Add ability to generate irreducible polynomials with irreducible_poly() and irreducible_polys().

  • Add ability to generate primitive polynomials with primitive_poly() and primitive_polys().

  • Add computation of the minimal polynomial of an element of an extension field with minimal_poly().

  • Add display of arithmetic tables with FieldClass.arithmetic_table().

  • Add display of field element representation table with FieldClass.repr_table().

  • Add Berlekamp-Massey algorithm in berlekamp_massey().

  • Enable ipython tab-completion of Galois field classes.

  • Cleanup API reference page.

  • Add introduction to Galois fields tutorials.

  • Fix bug in is_primitive() where some reducible polynomials were marked irreducible.

  • Fix bug in integer<–>polynomial conversions for large binary polynomials.

  • Fix bug in “power” display mode of 0.

  • Other minor bug fixes.


Last update: Jul 12, 2022