Released August 9, 2021

Breaking changes

  • Remove unnecessary is_field() function. Use isinstance(x, galois.FieldClass) or isinstance(x, galois.FieldArray) instead.

  • Remove log_naive() function. Might be re-added later through np.log() on a multiplicative group array.

  • Rename mode kwarg in galois.GF() to compile.

  • Revert np.copy() override that always returns a subclass. Now, by default it does not return a sublcass. To return a Galois field array, use x.copy() or np.copy(x, subok=True) instead.


  • Improve documentation.

  • Improve unit test coverage.

  • Add benchmarking tests.

  • Add initial LFSR implementation.

  • Add display kwarg to galois.GF() class factory to set the display mode at class-creation time.

  • Add Poly.reverse() method.

  • Allow polynomial strings as input to galois.GF(). For example, galois.GF(2**4, irreducible_poly="x^4 + x + 1").

  • Enable np.divmod() and np.remainder() on Galois field arrays. The remainder is always zero, though.

  • Fix bug in bch_valid_codes() where repetition codes weren’t included.

  • Various minor bug fixes.


Last update: Jul 24, 2022