Released February 12, 2022

Breaking changes

  • Move galois.minimal_poly() functionality into FieldArray.minimal_poly().

  • Refactor FieldArray.lup_decompose() into FieldArray.plu_decompose().

  • Raise ValueError instead of returning None for prev_prime(2).

  • Return (n, 1) from perfect_power(n) if n is not a perfect power rather than returning None.


  • Compute a finite field element’s square root (if it exists) with np.sqrt().

  • Test if finite field elements have a square root with FieldArray.is_quadratic_residue().

  • List which finite field elements are/aren’t quadratic residues (have a square root) with FieldClass.quadratic_residues and FieldClass.quadratic_non_residues.

  • Compute standard vector spaces with FieldArray.row_space(), FieldArray.column_space(), FieldArray.left_null_space(), and FieldArray.null_space().

  • Compute a finite field element’s additive and multiplicative orders with FieldArray.additive_order() and FieldArray.multiplicative_order().

  • Evaluate polynomials at square matrix inputs using f(X, elementwise=False).

  • Compute the characteristic polynomial of a single element or square matrix with FieldArray.characteristic_poly().

  • Compute the minimal polynomial of a single element with FieldArray.minimal_poly().

  • Compute a Lagrange interpolating polynomial with lagrange_poly(x, y).

  • Support non-square matrix inputs to FieldArray.lu_decompose() and FieldArray.plu_decompose().

  • Support polynomial scalar multiplication. Now p * 3 is valid syntax and represents p + p + p.

  • Allow polynomial comparison with integers and field scalars. Now galois.Poly([0]) == 0 and galois.Poly([0]) == GF(0) return True rather than raising TypeError.

  • Support testing 0-degree polynomials for irreducibility and primitivity.

  • Extend crt() to work over non co-prime moduli.

  • Extend prev_prime() and next_prime() to work over arbitrarily-large inputs.

  • Allow negative integer inputs to primes(), is_prime(), is_composite(), is_prime_power(), is_perfect_power(), is_square_free(), is_smooth(), and is_powersmooth().

  • Fix various type hinting errors.

  • Various other bug fixes.


Last update: Jul 24, 2022