classmethod galois.Array.Random(shape: ShapeLike = (), low: ElementLike = 0, high: ElementLike | None = None, seed: int | Generator | None = None, dtype: DTypeLike | None = None) Self

Creates an array with random elements.

shape: ShapeLike = ()

A NumPy-compliant shape tuple. The default is () which represents a scalar.

low: ElementLike = 0

The smallest element (inclusive). The default is 0.

high: ElementLike | None = None

The largest element (exclusive). The default is None which represents order.

seed: int | Generator | None = None

Non-negative integer used to initialize the PRNG. The default is None which means that unpredictable entropy will be pulled from the OS to be used as the seed. A numpy.random.Generator can also be passed.

dtype: DTypeLike | None = None

The numpy.dtype of the array elements. The default is None which represents the smallest unsigned data type for this Array subclass (the first element in dtypes).


An array of random elements.