class property galois.FieldArray.ufunc_modes : list[str]

All supported ufunc compilation modes for this FieldArray subclass.


The ufuncs may be recompiled with compile().


Fields whose elements and arithmetic can fit within numpy.int64 can be JIT compiled to use either lookup tables or explicit calculation.

In [1]: galois.GF(65537).ufunc_modes
Out[1]: ['jit-lookup', 'jit-calculate']

In [2]: galois.GF(2**32).ufunc_modes
Out[2]: ['jit-lookup', 'jit-calculate']

Fields whose elements and arithmetic cannot fit within numpy.int64 may only use pure-Python explicit calculation.

In [3]: galois.GF(36893488147419103183).ufunc_modes
Out[3]: ['python-calculate']

In [4]: galois.GF(2**100).ufunc_modes
Out[4]: ['python-calculate']